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   Jan 03

Sarracenia Purpurea or Sarracenia catesbaei?

Sarracenia purpureaThis is one of my pitcher plants. These are a type of carnivorous plant which trap insects when they fall into the tall tubes created by their leaves.

When I bought it, I bought a Sarracenia purpurea and a Sarracenia catesbaei, also called a Sarracenia oreophila, and I am unsure which is which! On the one hand, the reddish purple hue on the leaves makes me think the one in the picture is the s. purpurea, but the leaves are quite tall, without the characteristic bulbous shape that you can see in s. purpurea examples like this.

The other pitcher plant I bought, on the other hand, does have that more squat, rounded appearance, making me think that that one is the s. purpurea. However if that is the case, then my s. catesbaei (also known as the “green pitcher plant”) is reddish / purple, and my s. purpurea (also known as the “purple pitcher plant”) is green!

They are both quite new to me, so I think I need to just keep an eye on them and see how they grow. Colours can change, and both are fairly small plants so when they get bigger they may form more typical shapes. Watch this space!


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