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Venus fly traps and more in my little shop of horrors

   Jan 03

My Venus Fly Trap is eating itself!

venus fly trap eating itself close upI bought a new venus fly trap today. I wasn’t planning to, but I had gone shopping for compost and they were right by the cash register… I picked one that looked healthy, although perhaps a little overcrowded in the pot it’s in.

When I got it home, because it had been hanging around in a carrier bag for a couple of hours by then I decided against repotting it straight away – I didn’t want to upset it any more than I already had. But looking at it closely I noticed that two of the traps were being trapped inside other traps!

The Internet assures me this is nothing to worry too much about. It won’t harm the plant. It might kill the traps that are being eaten, but otherwise it won’t be damaged.

I suspect that the plant having so many traps in a small pot, along with sitting by the tills in the shop where people might well have messed about with it, not to mention then shaking it about a bit on its journey home is what has caused the problem. Because of all this, I don’t want to disturb it any more for a while, so I’ll just keep an eye on it and see what happens.


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