Growing carnivorous plants

Venus fly traps and more in my little shop of horrors

   Jan 03

How it all started: carnivorous plant fascination

Venus flytrap

Venus flytrap (Photo credit: Konstantin Lazorkin)

I love David Attenborough, so was really excited when I saw that the Private Life of Plants BBC documentary series from the mid 90s was being repeated. When he started talking about venus fly traps I was particularly interested because when I was a child my siblings and I had a venus fly trap that we tormented so much it did not survive long. We did not do this to be cruel, we were just so fascinated by the traps opening and closing that we couldn’t resist continually setting off the traps by tickling the hairs inside them with a fork. Sorry, plant!

What I did not know, however, was that there are more carnivorous plants than just venus fly traps. I watched Attenborough talk about the drosera plants, whose sticky nectar attracts bugs which are then trapped as the leaves coil up around them, and pitcher plants, which lure insects to a flower-like entrance to a tube they can then not crawl out of. Instead, they drown and are digested by the hungry plant.

A morbid fascination developed. I read and read about carnivorous plants, and I knew I needed to own some.

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